Q&A with Kate Taylor Boehm of Studio BOCA

Studio BOCA founders Kate Taylor Boehm and Kirby Caldwell are the dream team behind the BMA Barbie Dream House. We caught up with Boehm to learn more about BOCA and the exhibition experience.

Meet Barbie: 6 Things to Know Before You Go

Barbie: Dreaming of a Female Future opens this weekend, and after seeing the reaction on social media, it’s clear you are just as excited as we are! Before your visit, here are six things you should know about Barbie: Dreaming of a Female Future.

Fashion: A Q&A with Megan LaRussa

Birmingham native Megan LaRussa chased her dream of working in the fashion industry to the Big Apple after college. She landed a successful job in trend forecasting, but it wasn’t long before she felt a calling to return to the Magic City. Megan realized her passion was in empowering women through personal style coaching. She […]

BMA Smartguide: Fashion

The Museum’s latest exhibition Ways of Seeing: Fashion officially opens to the public next week on Saturday, April 13. As the latest in a series of six consecutive exhibitions in the Bohorfoush Gallery, it draws from all areas of the Museum’s expansive collection to explore how fashion has been documented through art over the years […]

Ways of Seeing: Fashion

What is fashion? The dictionary defines it as a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament. But, what is it really and what does it mean to us? Everyone deals with fashion in some way everyday. Even people who say they don’t care about fashion choose what they wear and how they wear […]

Ways of Seeing: An Exploration of Line

We see lines everywhere in daily life: in cracks on the sidewalk, on our notebook paper, and as we stand in lines buying groceries, just to name a few. We may learn in school that a line is created by connecting two points in space. How is line defined in visual arts? How do artists […]

What is Folk Art?

What is Folk Art? The term has meant different things over time, and many scholars have written about the problems with this catch-all category. It has referred to craft traditions passed down through generations within communities. It has sometimes referred to artists without formal education or artistic training, and those who create outside of the […]

Third Space Rotation

“Third Space” will look different on your next visit. The exhibition is undergoing its second of three rotations, and a number of objects will come down to showcase new pieces in the gallery.