Sunset, Haywagon in the Distance

/ Art Escapes

Martin Johnson Heade Sunset Haywagon in the Distance About 1876 82 oil on canvas Museum purchase with funds provided by Friends of the Museum through Vulcan Materials 1977192

During these unprecedented times, the BMA will continue to use our collection as a resource for inspiration, reflection, and exploration. We look forward to the many (digital) ways through which we can continue to connect with our community. Though our galleries are closed, we’ve asked some of our amazing staff to share works in our collection that they look to for an #ArtEscape, moment of zen, or inspiration.

“I’m always drawn to the glow of this painting – one last slice of warmth before the night and a reminder for tomorrow’s dawn. Side note: when my husband tested the enchroma color blind glasses in the galleries, this painting made him want to see a real sunset. He said he now realizes why people make a big deal about sunsets.”
– Mary Little, BMA Membership Manager