During the spring of 2020, as the United States experienced the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tapahe and his wife traveled across the country with their daughters and two of their friends. They visited sacred Native American sites, and Tapahe photographed and filmed them wearing their jingle dresses and dancing. Click or tap on the hotspots […]

School of Beauty, School of Culture

The title of the painting to the left is School of Beauty, School of Culture. It was painted in 2012 by the artist Kerry James Marshall. In this painting, Marshall includes references to contemporary Black culture and Old Master paintings. But how? Tap the hotspots located to left and unlock the secrets of this painting!

Courtesan Fashion of Edo Period Japan

For courtesans of the Edo period, fashion was more than self expression. Fashion was advertising your status as a high-end oiran. Touch the hotspots on the image to the left to unlock the secrets of Fashion!