You found a clue!

Bigfoot is no longer here, but you’re on the right track. Rumor has it that Bigfoot has been sighted in Central Africa! Sasquatch is known for his strength and power, so it makes perfect sense that he would be seen fraternizing with a female power figure (nkisi nkonde) from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Head […]

You found another clue!

It appears that Bigfoot has already moved on from Africa and is headed to South America. The La Leche Valley in the Lambayeque region of Peru is a perfect place for a large, fuzzy dude to take a rest. Like most creatures, Bigfoot is attracted to shiny objects like this ceremonial knife made from hammered […]

You found another clue!

You just missed him! But not to worry, he has been spotted in China. The Silk Road was an ancient trade route that connected the East and the West. Riding camel or horseback was the main mode of transportation, so it makes sense that Bigfoot is looking for a horse large enough to let him […]

You found the last clue!

You’ve made it to China, but alas, Bigfoot has set off to find a place to rest. You’re just one step away from finding him! It seems as though our beloved Bigfoot is stressed out and in need of some yoga, meditation, and all the serenity the mountains of Northern India can provide. It seems […]

Holy Moly! You found him!

Bigfoot… Sasquatch… Yeti… The Abominable Snowman… Whatever name you like. You found this elusive creature at Camp BMA! Find a Camp BMA counselor and tell them you found Bigfoot at smartguide stop # 500 to get your Bigfoot badge!