Special considerations for school groups


To help our staff and docents best serve your group, we require at least one adult for every ten K4 through 3rd-grade students, and at least one adult for every fifteen 4th- through 12th-grade students. Chaperones should be familiar with the group’s schedule, stay with their group at all times, and help keep the group together. In order to avoid distracting students, we ask that chaperones refrain from “visiting” with other adults or students during the tour.

Group division

Please pre-divide students as evenly as possible into groups according to their age or grade, and match each group with at least one chaperone. Docents can accommodate up to 15 students per group.


If your school allows, please have students wear nametags that also include the school’s name.

Student participation

Student participation is encouraged! Please ask students to be attentive and respectful of their docent; to use inside voices, gentle hands, and walking feet; and to avoid “visiting” with other students or adults during the tour.

Related activities

Please do not plan activities, worksheets, etc. for students to complete during the tour. Activities may be completed after the tour.

Lunch facilities

The Museum does not have a lunchroom facility; no food, drink, or gum is allowed in our galleries. If you need a place to eat lunch, the Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden at the Museum may be available, weather permitting (please discuss with Education Department staff prior to your tour). Adjacent public spaces are the garden path (paved), located between the Museum and Boutwell Auditorium, and Linn Park (grass) just across Rev. Abrahams Woods, Jr. Boulevard.

Museum Store

During your visit, students may shop at the Museum Store. A maximum of 10 children with at least one adult chaperone are allowed in the Museum Store at any given time.

Large articles

Please leave backpacks, heavy coats, umbrellas, and other unnecessary articles on the bus or in the car.