Q&A with Jake Orr of TrimTab Brewing Co.

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Jake Orr of Trim Tab Brewing Co.
Jake Orr of TrimTab Brewing Co will join us for the <em>Third Space<em> Opening Party to guide guests through the perfect beer pairings

After months of planning and preparing for Third Space, it’s hard to believe that this incredible two-year exhibition opens in just a few days. We hope you’re making plans to join us for the Opening Party on Friday, January 27! While you enjoy internationally-inspired, Southern cuisine and spirits at the event, look out for TrimTab Brewing Company’s Jake Orr, who will bring his expertise from the beer world to the BMA. Read our Q&A with Jake, and ask him your own brew Qs Friday night!

Birmingham Museum of Art: What beer pairs well with contemporary art?

Jake Orr: The Raspberry Berlinerweisse. With its high amount of effervescence and juicy raspberry notes, it’s pretty exciting! It compliments a new and fun experience, while at the same time not distracting one from the art on display.

BMA: Do you have a favorite beer to drink in the winter?

JO:  If I’m going to have a beer when it’s particularly cold out, it will most likely be a stout, or something of the same consistency. Stouts and other darker beers are typically synonymous with cold weather as they typically have more alcohol by volume, thus why they make you feel warmer!

BMA: What is the most unique beer you’ve ever tasted?

JO: In my experience, the most unique beer I’ve had the opportunity to try was a beer from Belgium known as Westvleteren 12. This Belgian quad is brewed in a monastery deep in the heart of the country by monks, and is only sold at the brewery. It is 11% ABV and has notes of plum, dates, earth, and candied sugar. It is as divine as it is rare.

BMA: Craft beer is growing in popularity and it seems like a new brewery pops up every day. How does TrimTab stay ahead of the game? What really sets you apart?

JO: At TrimTab, our emphasis has always been on maintaining balance. While it sounds simple to some, balance implies a lot of things. It suggests that no one aspect of something outweigh the others, but also implies sophistication and precision. We stay ahead of the game by following this ethos of balance, and injecting a unique aspect into everything we create. Also, it is our belief that complacency is the root of failure. In order to maintain brilliance in our products, we must be at the tip of the spear of ingenuity, while at the same time learning from our past successes and failures.  

Graphic advertising Museum collaboration with Trim Tab Brewing Co.

Calling all trivia masters! TrimTab is giving away Opening Party tickets and other Museum prizes during their upcoming trivia night. Good luck, and we’ll see you Friday! 





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