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Q&A with Angie Godwin McEwen, Butler Snow Law Firm

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Butler Snow has a longtime commitment to Birmingham, the community, and the arts in our city and went through a significant expansion here in 2014. The firm is a valued corporate partner that has broadened our outreach programs, and helps art come alive for our visitors. Why is it important to support the arts and the community?

Yes, we have grown steadily in Birmingham over the years, and in 2014 added 19 attorneys to our office here, bringing a depth of experience that strengthened the firm and brought economic vitality to the city. Our team here greatly strengthened many of the firm’s existing practices—adding additional depth and breadth for clients throughout the region.

One of the hallmarks of Butler Snow is our commitment to the community and dedication to the arts. We are very proud of our partnership with the Birmingham Museum of Art, which continues to make a great impact on the city and region. Having a healthy arts culture helps build robust communities, and we support the Museum’s mission of providing unparalleled cultural and educational experiences.

Butler Snow has thrived in Birmingham, across the country and now internationally, too. Tell us more about your growth in the city and globally.

Birmingham is one of our key strategic growth markets, and we continue to build on the major expansion we launched in 2014. It is a successful metropolitan city, rich in tradition with a flourishing business environment and excellent quality of life. We have also grown in other key markets, and now have more than 330 attorneys representing national and international clients from 22 U.S. offices, London, and Singapore. We take pride in providing excellent client service in Birmingham and all the communities we serve. The firm has stayed true to its principles throughout its history and during this period of growth, and we are very proud to have been recognized as one of the nation’s top law firms for client service.

What’s next for Butler Snow?

We will continue to strengthen our presence in Birmingham and our other key markets to meet the needs of our clients. Those include Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, and Ridgeland, Mississippi. Internationally, we will continue to bolster our offices in London and Singapore, and will continue to explore further opportunities in Asia.

In each of these thriving cities, we are committed to the community and supporting the arts. As we grow in these markets, we will continue to cultivate our relationships as good corporate neighbors dedicated to improving the cities we serve.

If you could meet any artist, living or dead, who would it be? What would you ask them?

If I could meet any artist, I would want to meet Benjamin Walls. The crispness and viewpoint of his photography is absolutely amazing—his images simply jump off the page and come to life. When I was in college, one of my courses required me to complete a semester-long project in an area outside my major, so I took that as an opportunity to compose and present a show of some of my original photographs. Based on that experience, I have at least some appreciation for how difficult it is to capture in a single image everything that’s in your mind’s eye when you’re looking through the camera lens.

So my question for Benjamin would be, “How do you know when you’ve captured the image that is ’the one’ that will translate well and speak to your audience?”