Museum Adventure

The Museum is filled with art from around the world. Each culture and country and time period has symbols that mean something. Learning new symbols is like cracking a secret code! On this tour, students will be sent on a docent-led quest through the Museum. They will have a task in each gallery that encourages them to look carefully at the works of art and discover how artists everywhere communicate with symbols!

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Grade Level: Grades 1–12 (exact grade of group must be specified before tour is confirmed)

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 100 visitors

Tour Type: Interactive; Exploring art; language arts; history/cultural


  • Close looking
  • Conversation and vocabulary development
  • Critical thinking
  • Engagement based learning

Studio add-on: This tour does not come with a studio add-on. But if you would like to extend your stay, the education department is happy to provide scavenger hunts to be conducted following the tour.