Color My World

Throughout history and across cultures, there is a common “language of art” that makes up every artwork. Learn the lingo and see how these elements of art – line, color, light and shadow, pattern, texture, and shape – have been used by artists over the centuries. These elements, along with a little imagination, have helped artists create masterpieces that have stood the tests of time. Discover how the elements of art have developed from the pre-Renaissance to today.

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Grade Level: Grades 3rd – 5th

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 60 visitors

Tour Type: Exploring art

Optional Studio add-on: Zoom Into Art
This tour has an optional studio add-on. The studio is one hour and the capacity is 60 students.


  • Close looking
  • Helping visitors visually digest an artwork
  • Analysis of formal elements and principles


Students will:

  • Describe: Visitors will slow down, look, and describe what they actually see while using the elements of art to help them explore the works.
  • Analyze: Visitors will look at how the elements of art and principles principals of design are used in the works of art. What effect do the elements create? Where is the focal point(s) in the work? Why? What mood or emotion do the elements and principles generate? Why?
  • Interpret: Visitors will assess what artworks mean based on a description and analysis of the elements and principles. If the interpretation is based on solid evidence from the first two steps, the interpretation is just as valid as the artist’s.
  • Judge: Visitors will form personal meaning and judge a work of art after carefully considering and looking at the work. Visitors can answer questions such as: Do the elements create an appealing composition? How does the work of art resonate with you? Why?