Visiting During The World Games

GETTING HERE: All of the roads around the BMA will be closed for security reasons and to create more space for pedestrians during the games. There will be no parking at the Museum. But do not worry! All World Games Transit Lines meet at the World Games Hub near the Museum.

SPORTS & GAMES: Check out our exhibition Ways of Seeing: Sports and Games and be sure to play our REAL MVP game where you can vote for your favorite work of art in the exhibition.

ACTIVITIES: We will have plenty of self-guided activities for all ages available for FREE at the Museum entrances. To preview or download digital versions of the activities ahead of time, check out our Activities Page.

BACKPACKS: We know you may be carrying around backpacks to visit the World Games, but backpacks are not allowed in the BMA. But don’t worry! You can keep them in one of our cubbies at the entrances or rent a locker.