Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in my own caterer?

The Museum has an exclusive caterer, A Social Affair, which must provide all food and beverage for private events.

Can alcohol be served at the Museum?

Yes. Our exclusive caterer, A Social Affair, can provide any alcohol desired.

Do I have to rent my own tables and chairs?

The Museum has an inventory of tables and chairs that are included in all of the rental prices. However, should your event require more tables and/or chairs than we have, you may rent additional tables or chairs from a rental company.

When can my event start?

Private events can start Tuesday through Sunday after 5pm, when the Museum is closed to the public.

How long can my event last at the Museum?

As long as you’d would like it to! Our hourly overhead fee begins at 5pm (our normal closing time) and ends whenever the event ends and the Museum has been cleaned and closed.

Does it cost extra to have the Museum galleries open during my event?

Yes, each gallery area in the Museum has its own hourly fee if opened during an after-hours event.

Can I schedule a rehearsal for my wedding ceremony?

A rehearsal may be scheduled at no additional cost the day before or prior to the wedding or event date during normal operating hours (10am – 5pm) if time and space are available.

Where can my guests park?

When renting the Museum for a private event, you and your guests have exclusive access the Museum’s parking lot, which has 65 parking spaces. Our lot is located behind the Museum, accessible from Richard Arrington, Jr. Boulevard. Additional parking is available at Boutwell Auditorium.

Does the Museum offer valet service?

While we do not offer valet service, we can recommend valet companies to provide the service at your event. Valet service can be arranged at either the back entrance or the Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr. Boulevard front entrance.

Can I take pictures in the Museum?

Photography is allowed in the Museum during private events. However, it should be confined to Oscar’s Café, 8th Avenue Lobby, Red Mountain Garden Club Memorial Garden, Charles Ireland Sculpture Garden and the Steiner Auditorium. Works of art may not be photographed without the prior written permission from a Museum representative. Flash photography in or near the galleries is not permitted. Photography release forms must be signed in advance of taking pictures. Please contact the special events manager for more information.

Can I have a band/DJ at my event?

Yes, you can have any type of musical entertainment at your event. The Museum also has a stage for any entertainment that is included in the rental price.

Can I bring in other outside vendors? Such as florists, lighting designers, etc.?

Yes, besides our exclusive caterer, you can use any of the other talented vendors in Birmingham for flowers, décor, lighting, and wedding cake. The Museum does have a list of preferred vendors that have done great work at the Museum. Contact the special events manager if you’d like more information on our preferred vendors.

Can I decorate the Museum for my event?

Yes, however, all decorations must be approved by the special events manager. At no time is any area of the Museum to be altered or disturbed in any way that might prove harmful to the Museum or its collections. Walls are not to be touched with decorations and tables must be set away from the walls. Nothing can be taped, nailed, or pinned into the walls or in the trees. All decorations must be free standing.

Have another question that we haven’t answered?

Please call our special events manager Jestina Howard at 205-254-2681, for any additional questions.

Information and Event Guidelines

Private Event Hours

Private events can begin any time after 5pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Semi-Private Event Hours

Please contact the Special Events Office to see how we can accommodate your event during Museum hours.

Scheduling & Contracts

A hold can be placed on an event date for up to 10 business days. A date is guaranteed upon receipt of a signed contract and 50% deposit.


The mission of the Birmingham Museum of Art is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret works of art of the highest quality for the enrichment, enlightenment, and enjoyment of the public. We welcome the opportunity to expand the Museum’s educational efforts and increase public awareness of the Museum’s collections and exhibitions through special events that are compatible with the Museum environment.

Facility Rentals Policies


Availability and use of the Museum is subject to current exhibitions or the pending exhibition schedule. Private events can be held Tuesday through Sunday, after 5pm, in any of the Museum’s rental spaces. Semi-private events can be held Tuesday through Sunday, 10am – 5pm, in the Steiner Auditorium, Members Room, or Conference Room.

Facility Rental Policies for Events

Special Event Fees for all Events