Amida Raigo Shrine (Butsudan) with Zendo and Honen

What is a Butsudan? A Butsudan is a small private Buddhist shrine where people can make their daily prayers to the deity they have chosen to be their protector. This large Butsudan opens to reveal Amida Nyorai, the Buddha of Infinite Light who presides over the Western Paradise. Followers of Amida Nyorai believe that at […]

Shrine (ile ori or “House of the Head”)

This is a shrine honoring the human head, believed by the Yoruba to be the container of the soul, and the determinant of one’s fortune. For this reason the head is often magnified in Yoruba art. The House of the Head, or ile ori, is an ornamental coffer in the shape of a four-sided crown. The cowrie shells […]