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New Digital Studio // Submit Your Art!

/ Kids and Families

The Birmingham Museum of Art announces a contest exhibition for students K – 12 as a part of its launch of a new digital art game. The BMA’s Digital Studio recently rolled out The Japanese Woodblock Print Studio, an online game in which visitors can create their own custom work of art by assembling images derived from actual Japanese woodblock prints. 

For the contest, all are invited to use the new game to create their own works of art and submit them to the BMA for a chance to be featured in a special exhibition this winter. Upon receipt, the BMA will transform the digital works into framed works on paper that hang in a gallery space alongside other submissions. The exhibition will be on display for five weeks and will conclude with a closing reception and awards ceremony. Students can access The Japanese Woodblock Print Studio from any desktop computer. No experience is required to use the digital game or to participate in the contest. Selected works from the exhibition will be chosen to be featured on the Digital Studio’s page on our Culture Bridge website.


  • Submission deadline: Nov. 28
  • Dates of the exhibition: Dec. 9 – Jan. 15
  • Date of closing reception with awards: Jan. 13

“Our Digital Studio has become a popular art-inspired learning tool, for the classroom and beyond,” says Angela May, Associate Director of Learning and Engagement at the Birmingham Museum of Art. “We are excited to introduce this free, new game that allows students to channel their own creativity and interest in art to create original works using just their computers. Think of this as sampling and remixing music – like TikTok music mashups, but for Japanese woodblock prints! At the BMA, we are eagerly expanding our digital initiatives to help bring art to life in and out of the galleries by offering art-making accessible for educators and students who attend schools with little to no art programming.This game is the latest example of that effort. ”

Digital Studio: Japanese Woodblock Prints, is an educational digital game inspired by Japanese art. The Japanese Woodblock Print Studio does not mimic the woodblock making process, but rather emphasizes Japanese composition and style. In this digital studio, users create their own digital woodblock print by mixing and matching images called “stamps.” By combining backgrounds with various stamps, users create their own work of art. Visual elements for the game are pulled from both world famous prints, such as Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, and literary topics like scenes from Murasaki’s The Tale of Genji. The concept of the game is inspired by the Japanese artistic tradition in which the emulation of masterworks displays appreciation for the artist and builds upon their artistry. Developed by Kinetic, a Birmingham-based web design firm, this gamified digital learning tool engages learners and creatives of all ages! The game is the newest application on the BMA’s popular educational website, Culture Bridge: eLearning Across Asia.

“We encourage all students to create and enter their work in the contest, no matter age or skill level,” says Lydia Walker, Manager of School and Public Programs. “Everyone can tap into their creative potential, and this game is a fun way to not only learn about a specific genre of art but to build technical skills and confidence in your artistic abilities. Try it out, get creative, and send us your work – we can’t wait to see it! Chances are, it will end up as part of our exhibition.”

Click on the link below to access the digital studio and for information on how to submit works to the exhibition!

Digital Studio: Japanese Woodblock Prints