Soup Bowl

This bowl is thought to be from a service for Thomas Hudson (1741-1807). Little is known about Mr. Hudson. His only surviving son, Thomas, was prominent in the East India Company, but the father is nowhere listed in the company records. The two-handled bowl is an unusual form and there are no other known pieces […]

Covered Tureen

Both the Moffat and Macleod clans of Scotland used the elaborate cipher of “J.M.” found on the tureen lid. The Moffats were a powerful border clan of ancient Viking origin, while the Macleods were a Highland clan with ties to the Isle of Skye. There may originally have been a platter underneath the tureen.


This service was probably made for William Fenton of St. Christopher’s in the Leeward Islands or, perhaps, for his daughter Jane who married John Roberts of Bonington in 1761, later Chairman of the East India Company, for whom two services are known.