The Flower Viewing, The Tale of the Soga Brothers (Soga Monogatari), Book 7.1

The Tale of the Soga Brothers (Soga Monogatari) is a story of two brothers, Juro and Goro, who for eighteen years plotted and planned revenge for the wrongful death of their father. The story focuses on the conflict between the authority of the Shogun and the brothers’ loyalty to their father, highlighting the clash between […]

Agemachi (Trefoil Knots), Tale of Genji: Chapter 47

Kaoru (adopted son of Prince Genji) arrives in Uji to observe the anniversary of Prince Genji’s death. He goes boating on the river in a boat “Roofed with scarlet leaves. The boat was like a gorgeous brocade, and the music, as members of the party joined their flutes in this impromptu offering, came in on […]

Wakamurasaki (Lavender), Tale of Genji: Chapter 5

Prince Genji (in white) spies on the women in a neighboring villa as he receives treatment for a fever from a sage in the northern hills. In this charming, rustic setting he finds a young girl with two ladies. The child cries that her favorite baby sparrows have escaped their cage. Later in life this […]