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Into The Streets: A Community Day of Service

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The Museum is always looking for ways to take art beyond our walls and into Birmingham, as a part of our mission to provide cultural and educational experiences for our community. The perfect weather this weekend had everyone looking for an excuse to get outdoors, and gave the Museum a wonderful opportunity to participate in a day of service.

This past Saturday, March 8, the BMA, along with UAB and the Mayor’s Office on Americans with Disabilities, participated in Into the Streets, a community day of service. Under the guidance of the BMA’s Artist-in-Residence Toby Richards, students from UAB, Horizons School, and Birmingham City Schools worked together to create decorative panels for Shields Conference Center, a project that began at last year’s day of service. Teachers from Jefferson County, Hoover, and Birmingham City Schools assisted the students with the art project, making it a true community piece created by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Seeing the students create art together was just another example of our city’s vibrant and flourishing arts community. With these bright additions to Shields Conference Center’s building, visitors to the center will appreciate both the beautified space and the hard work of Birmingham’s students. Take a look at the pictures to see the final product: beautiful panels and lots of smiles!