Interior of Antwerp Cathedral

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Complete this puzzle to reveal Interior of Antwerp Cathedral by Flemish painter Pieter Neeffs the Younger.

The Antwerp Cathedral in Belgium was built during the Gothic period. Construction began in 1352 and it became the largest church in Belgium. It’s also known as Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (the Cathedral of Our Lady).

In this painting, the artist paid close attention to the way natural light from the Gothic windows filled the space of this large cathedral. Antwerp Cathedral features large altarpieces and devotional sculptures—in contrast to the barren interiors of protestant churches—but the depiction of the church is not necessarily correct. The artist took creative license in the architectural details and the furnishings, although he surely knew the church first-hand. He depicted a bustling scene: mass is read, people give alms, a grave is dug, and a boy chases a dog. In fact, Pieter Neeffs the Younger painted so many highly decorated and bustling cathedral interiors that some have called his works propaganda for the Catholic Counter Reformation.

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