Happy Fall!

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The leaves are beginning to change, the weather is finally cooling off, and football is in the air; fall is officially here! Today is the first day of fall, and we are not only surrounded by the changing season outside, but also within the Museum.

Come visit us and see these 10 fall-inspired works, all currently on view in our galleries.

AFI.88.2011_01_p01 52.2008_01_p01 1963.256_01_p01 photo (6) Still LIfe with Game Birds by Cornelis Mahu 1985.135_01_p01 1977.193_01_t03 3797.2008_01_p01 AFI.3.2000_01a_p01 photo (5)
While these antlers seem like decor for a cabin today, they had quite a different purpose in 300 B.C. These antlers were used as a tomb guardian, placed inside the doors of tombs to protect the soul of the deceased or to accompany them on a journey to the afterlife. // Asian Galleries