Collectors Circle Award Nomination and FAQ

What is the Collector’s Circle Artist Award? The Collector’s Circle Artist Award is an exciting annual prize for a contemporary artist working locally. The Collector’s Circle recognizes the importance of supporting artists working in the Birmingham area. The award comes with $1,500 of unrestricted funds along with official recognition from the Collector’s Circle at their annual dinner in November.

When will the winner be announced? The winner of the award will be announced shortly before the annual Collector’s Circle dinner on November 21.

Who is eligible to win? Any living artist working locally is eligible to win.

How do you define local? That’s up to the individual nominator. For some, local is within Birmingham’s metro area, for others that may exist beyond the city to more rural parts of Alabama. The important part of the award is to provide support and recognition to an artist. Artists from Birmingham, who live outside of the state (for example, an artist who was born in Birmingham but is now living in Los Angeles) are not eligible for the award . Artists who live in multiple places (for example, an artist living and working in Birmingham and New York) are eligible.

Does the artist need to have a studio? No, artists working out of their home or out of a studio are eligible to win.

Does the artist need to be accomplished? No, the award is for artists at any point in their career. We encourage nominators to consider the impact of the award on the artist.

Is my submission confidential? Yes! All submissions are confidential to protect your privacy.

Can I vote more than once? Each member of Collector’s Circle gets one vote.

Who decides the winning artist? The winner of the Collector’s Circle Artist Award will be decided by a panel of internal employees at the Museum.

I haven’t renewed my Collector’s Circle Membership, can I vote anyway? If you’d like to vote, but aren’t currently a member please contact Support Group Manager Mary Little at or 205.254.2389.

I am unable to attend the dinner, can I vote anyway? Absolutely! As long as you are a current member of Collector’s Circle we encourage you to vote.

How can I support this award? Right now we have funding for 3 years and we want to keep this going! Please get in touch with Mary Little, Membership Manager, if you are interested in supporting the Collector’s Circle Artist Award.

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