Twenty Twenty Annual Fund Campaign

Dear Friends,

This challenging year has brought many of our community’s greatest needs into focus, including those at the heart of the BMA’s mission: How and why do we ensure access to art for everyone?

As individuals, businesses and governments adapt to the pandemic’s complex economic and social disruption, it has become apparent that the impact of art in our community is not always viewed as essential. At the BMA, we have a different perspective to offer. There is a high value to the critical social impact our museum delivers to the Birmingham community and beyond. Through our celebrated collection, nationally acclaimed exhibitions, and educational outreach, our work offers everyone a lens through which to explore the power, meaning, and beauty of human expression. The BMA is a gateway to travel the world, explore history, gain fresh perspectives from new voices, challenge ourselves and expand our horizons. Our talented, mission-driven staff works tirelessly to present our collection in a manner that promotes civic engagement, innovation, education, health and wellness, and inclusion and equity.

The BMA has always been committed to ensuring our collection is accessible to
all. It’s the reason we offer free general admission to everyone who walks through our doors and host numerous free or low- cost community events throughout each year. It’s why we partner with Alabama schools to supplement curriculums and offer students reliable access to art education and art supplies. Where we previously placed art instructors in the classroom and had the ability to host onsite programming, in the face of the pandemic we have quickly adapted and embraced digital outreach. We now reach tens of thousands of students and community members who are engaging with our rich digital content in impressive numbers. Virtual access to our collection and robust multimedia programming, has been for many, a silver lining in a storm that we are all weathering together.

These outreach efforts are only possible because of generous donors like YOU who continue to make unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund, a critical resource that the BMA needs now more than ever. Annual Fund donations are 100% tax- deductible and ensure that the Museum has the staff and the resources to remain a FREE, world-class cultural space in our community.

Your support this year truly makes an impact and allows the BMA to fulfill our mission to spark the creativity, imagination, and liveliness of Birmingham by connecting all its citizens to the experience, meaning, and joy of art. We ask you to consider giving today to help us provide an enriching future for our visitors.

Sincerely yours,
Graham C. Boettcher, Ph.D.
The R. Hugh Daniel Director Birmingham Museum of Art

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