ArtBreak: Buffalo Vector Border Crossing (Yellowstone)

Feed your body and mind at noon every Tuesday. Join us for a 20-30 minute gallery talk. Stay for lunch at Oscar’s Café and they will throw in a free dessert!

Today’s ArtBreak is led by BMA’s Curator of the Arts of Africa and the Americas Emily Hanna, Ph.D, who will discuss our Spotlight on the Collection piece, Merritt Johnson’s Buffalo Vector Border Crossing (Yellowstone).

Slow Art Sunday: Buffalo Vector Border Crossing (Yellowstone)

Slow food, slow living, slow… art? Unlock the secrets of works in the Museum’s collection by cultivating the art of looking slowly. Our docents ask and answer questions to help guide your slow art experience and foster conversation. Leave the Museum feeling inspired- not tired!

This Sunday, docent Katia Kass Miller will lead a discussion on Merritt Johnson’s piece Buffalo Vector Border Crossing (Yellowstone).

Arctic Beauty

This exhibition presents 87 works of art made by the Inuit people of Canada. Formerly known as Eskimo, the Inuit are descended from cultures that have inhabited the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States, Greenland, and Russia for over a thousand years. Works in the exhibition reflect traditional Inuit ways of life and culture, […]