1930s Photography from the Collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art

This small exhibition features the work of Walker Evans, Arthur Rothstein, and Marion Post Wolcott, three photographers who documented the American South during the Great Depression. Images of hardship and hope exist together in photographs representing children in tattered clothes, underemployed young men playing midday checkers, and couples dancing on a Saturday night. Through this […]

Magic City Realism

In the wake of the Great Depression, Birmingham experienced a remarkable transformation that helped shape the city as we know it today. Artist Richard Coe, an Alabama-native, documented the city’s rapidly changing urban fabric in his prints and paintings. “Magic City Realism: Richard Coe’s Birmingham” brings together over 60 of Coe’s images of the city and state from this decade for the first time.

Homage to the Square

Josef Albers is best known for the hundreds of paintings and prints from his series Homage to the Square, which explores the interaction of colors within a composition of three or four nested squares. In Homage to the Square: Ten Works by Josef Albers, a set of 10 screen prints from 1962, each print is […]

Under the Big Top

On May 21, 2017, “The Greatest Show on Earth” came to an end, when Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed after 146 years. Consisting of 11 works of art in a variety of mediums by seven artists, Under the Big Top provides a glimpse at how the circus and its performers—both human and animal—inspired American […]

ARTBREAK: Haitian Flags from the Cargo Collection

On the third Tuesday of each month, Museum staff lead visitors on a thirty to forty-five minutes exploration of one work of art in the galleries. Through a series of close-looking techniques and questioning, this free experience helps build the visitor’s interpretive skills across the comprehensive-range of art periods and canons represented by the BMA’s collections. Stay for lunch at Oscar’s and they will throw in a free dessert!

Join Matthew Stokes, Manager for School and Teacher Programs, as he discusses the relationship between Haitian Vodoun and French Catholicism as colonialism, slavery, revolution and religion meet in a unique artistic expression.

Haitian Flags from the Cargo Collection

Beaded and sequined flags, called drapo, are an important component of Vodoun, a religion that was established on the island of Haiti beginning in the 1500s. The Spanish, followed by the French, enslaved hundreds of thousands of West and Central Africans who were brought to labor on Haitian sugarcane plantations. The faith system that emerged, […]

ArtBreak: Woman in Green Coat

Feed your body and mind at noon every Tuesday. Join us for a 20-30 minute gallery talk. Stay for lunch at Oscar’s Café and they will throw in a free dessert!

Today’s ArtBreak is led by Chief Curator and Curator of American Art Graham C. Boettcher, Ph.D., who will lead a discussion on Betty Grisham’s Woman in Green Coat, on view in the new exhibition Black Like Who?.

Slow Art Sunday: Woman in a Green Coat

Slow food, slow living, slow… art? Unlock the secrets of works in the Museum’s collection by cultivating the art of looking slowly. Our docents ask and answer questions to help guide your slow art experience and foster conversation. Leave the Museum feeling inspired- not tired!

This Sunday, Master Docent Julia Stork will lead a discussion on Betty Grisham’s Woman in a Green Coat.

Black Like Who?

Issues regarding visual depictions of blackness in American art have been such highly scrutinized topics in both artistic production and museum exhibitions that one could ask what else is there to examine that has not already been sufficiently analyzed? Black Like Who? answers that inquiry with a question that considers who renders imagery of blackness […]

Question Bridge

Hank Willis Thomas, Chris Johnson, Bayete Ross Smith, Kamal Sinclair Question Bridge is trans-media art project that counters established notions of Black masculinity in the United States. The project presents nearly three hours of videotaped interviews with several dozen Black men, who are seen on multiple video screens. As a multi-generational and cross-national project, Question Bridge addresses pressing […]