Fretted Foot

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Fretted Foot. Frank Fleming, 1977. Glazed ceramic. Gift of Mr. C. Eric Shrum in memory of his wife, June T. Shrum, 1980.247.


What’s your story?

The art of Frank Fleming has been described as whimsical and intriguing. His fantastical sculptures have endless stories to tell – stories that are only limited by an individual’s imagination. For Between Fantasy and Reality, we invited you to tell us the stories of these artworks! Read on to see stories submitted by the BMA community near and far, click on a thumbnail to see larger images, and submit your story own below.

In the gallery:

There once was a man. He wandered into a forest a long time ago, and he saw a temple. He walked into the temple. Inside the temple there was an alligator. It was asleep. Behind the alligator there was a treasure chest. The man walked past the alligator and opened the treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest, there was a genie. He granted the man one wish. The wish he had made to the genie was to live forever. By this time the alligator was awake. He ate all of the man except his foot. But since his wish was to live forever, his foot grew wings and flew away. The wings on his foot were as white as snow. As he flew out of the temple, he lived a happy life.

—Isaiah (age 9), Birmingham, Alabama