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Pear Shaped Bottle Yuhuchun with Banana Leaf Lotus Pond and Lotus Petal Motifs About 1300 Yuan dynasty 12791363 porcelain with underglaze blue decoration Unidentified artist China Gift of Bartlett G Bretz and Olive Bretz Crawford in memory of their mother Eunice Grippin Saunders Bretz 199799

Pear-Shaped Bottle (Yuhuchun)

This bottle is porcelain and was made about 700 years ago in China. It has banana-leaf, lotus pond and lotus petal motifs. The lotus was and still is a very popular motif in Asian art and symbolizes purity.

Like many porcelain objects from this time period in China, this bottle has only two colors—blue and white. To learn more about blue and white ware, check out this week’s Art Shot, The Blue and White Pandemic.

In art, a motif is a decorative design or pattern. 

It’s very common for ceramics to be decorated in floral motifs. A floral motif may depict flowers (big and small), vines, bushes, trees, and sometimes even fruit! 

For this activity, we’ve created two coloring sheets. The first coloring sheet is a replication of a ceramic for you to color. The second coloring sheet has a section of the work of art removed. You can either create your own floral motif OR you can draw whatever you want! The point is to make this work of art your own.

Download Coloring Sheet #1
Download Coloring Sheet #1

Questions for Engagement:

What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?
Does your favorite flower smell good?
How does your favorite flower make you feel?
Do you want to draw florals on the blank vase or do you want to draw something unexpected?