Ways of Seeing

Buildings and Monuments

Dates To Be Determined - Bohorfoush Gallery

The built environment shapes the way we experience the world around us by physically guiding our daily interactions. When we walk down the street, check out at the grocery store, or cross the thresholds of our homes, our journey is guided by human intervention in the environment. And yet these buildings often go unnoticed.

Ways of Seeing: Buildings and Monuments is an exhibition of nearly sixty objects from the Museum’s collection that will draw visitors’ attention to these unexamined spaces through the work of artists, designers, and architects. This exhibition brings together rarely seen works from storage and objects from across the Museum’s collection to consider how artists explore architecture and the built environment.

The exhibition reveals the longstanding, close relationship between artists and architects, and  displays the work of the many creators who work between these professions. It also looks at representations of home, buildings encountered in daily life, and even building materials to encourage visitors to view Birmingham with new eyes. Finally, it will ask visitors to consider how monuments—including the Confederate Soldier and Sailor Monument in Linn Park, across the street from the Museum—are seen by and impact fellow Birminghamians.

Ways of Seeing: Buildings and Monuments is part of the BMA’s Ways of Seeing exhibition series that explores themes, perspectives, and ideas from across the Museum’s global art collections in the Bohorfoush Gallery.


Ways of Seeing: Buildings and Monuments is presented by the Philip Morris Fund for Design Arts. Additional support provided by the Alabama State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the City of Birmingham.