Amy Pleasant


November 01, 2009 - August 31, 2010 - Lower Sculpture Garden

Birmingham artist Amy Pleasant is creating a site-specific drawing installation that wraps the four walls of the Museum’s Lower Sculpture Garden. This will be the artist’s first wall drawing created without her signature figurative imagery.  The work will be a “cloudscape” executed in black exterior paint directly on the walls of this “outdoor gallery.”  Suspended evolved from a series of drawings the artist made while viewing the clouds from a plane window.

Upon entering the space, viewers insert themselves into the cloud imagery and interact with it as an actor does on stage amidst a set.  In keeping with the idea of the theater, Pleasant is creating several sculptural works that will extend the “cloudscape” into three dimensions.  While Pleasant’s project draws upon her interest in formal issues like line and perspective, her cloudscape can also be interpreted metaphorically as a spiritual passage into higher consciousness.