Folk Art Gallery

January 01, 2009 - December 31, 2009 - Arrington Gallery

The Museum has devoted its Arrington gallery to the exhibition of folk art.  Objects on display are from the Museum’s permanent collection, augmented by an occasional private collection loan.  The term “folk art” is used broadly to encompass work that has been variously labeled as outsider, naïve, primitive, visionary and self-taught.  All of the artists represented are American – many African-American – and most are from the Southeast.

These artists have various motivations and inspirations, including religious beliefs, the desire to chronicle family history or daily observations, or the impulse to bring forth imagery suggested to them in natural forms or objects.  Sometimes they feel compelled to visually describe an unusual personal vision or narrative.  All of these objects demonstrate how creativity and artistic talent has no set path and knows no bounds.

Objects in this gallery will rotate throughout the year.  Please visit often to see the changes in this gallery.