Birmingham City Schools High School Exhibit

The works displayed in this exhibition are part of the Birmingham City Schools High School…

Oct 16, 2017 - Nov 05, 2017

The works displayed in this exhibition are part of the Birmingham City Schools High School Art Show. These works were created by high school students throughout the district. Presented in a diverse array of media, these works show promising young talent wrestling with a variety of themes and concepts. These artists explore personal identity, self-portraiture, religion, travel, and nature in a lively, yet serious manner that captures our attention and reminds us of the joy and vitality of youth.

At a time of great energy and revitalization in our city, these young Birmingham artists display considerable thought and talent as they develop their own artistic practice. It is this creative energy that we look to as we seek to develop young leaders who will guide our future together. The Birmingham Museum of Art is grateful to their teachers for their instruction and care of young talent and we are pleased to host this exhibition of work from the students of Birmingham City Schools.

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