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Holi at Home


April 3, 2021 - April 11, 2021

Welcome from Sanjay Singh

What is Holi?

Dr. Katherine Anne Paul, the Virginia and William M. Spencer III Curator of Asian Art, provides a visual exploration of how Holi has been depicted in Indian art–historically and recently–showcasing how Holi has become an international phenomenon.


Holi poetry helps us to understand the festival better. Local poet Rahamat-E-Kahakashan shares a series of poems she prepared for the festival.

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Create your own Holi inspired art

Create some Holi family fun with our downloadable coloring sheets. Make it fun, get creative, and submit your work to our virtual gallery!

Art Making Videos

Use the art supplies in your Holi at Home Kit and the following videos to make your own Holi inspired art projects.


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Share your memories!

Share images and videos of your Holi celebration. All submitted content will be compiled and featured in the slideshow.


Dance Troupes

Dance is an important part of celebrating Holi. Check out a variety of performances from local dance troupes performing traditional Bollywood and classical dances.

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