Immortals in a Forest Clearing

How do you know an Immortal when you meet one? In China it is easy as they all have special attributes. For example, the gentleman on the right is Li Tieguai. As he is lame, he is always shown with a crutch and also with a gourd over his back that contains magic vapors. The […]

Mother and Child

A mother involved with the mundane duties of raising small children is not a common theme in traditional Chinese art. You will find children at play and sometimes as part of a larger painting of a palace scene, but rarely a tender moment such as captured here.

Wang Xizhi and Geese

Inscription: I have sought it forever. Painted by Ni Tian. Wang Xizhi (303-361) is one of most famous calligraphers of China. As a hobby he raised geese. Legend has it that he learned the key of how to turn his wrist while writing by observing how the geese moved their necks.