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Curator’s Choice: 5 Reasons To See Haitian Flags

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-88eb081c34061747While the eye-catching, dazzling drapo in Haitian Flags are enough of a draw by themselves, here are a 5 reasons you should not miss our newest exhibition:

1. Symbols
These flags have so much meaning – they are “coded and loaded” with symbols from Africa, the Catholic faith, and the Society of Freemasons. Each work is an intricate puzzle, a mystery to be unraveled.

2. Stories
If you are a history buff, you’ll leave the exhibition knowing stories about the island of Haiti, the people who live there, and how this form of art encouraged the push from slavery to freedom.

3. Sequins
Do you love bling? These sequined, beaded banners shimmer like you wouldn’t believe. Pictures don’t do them justice! If you are a fan of color and shine, you will be transported by these beautiful works of art.

4. Spirituality
Along with the stories of the people and culture of Haiti, the exhibition will also explain the stories of the spirits, or loa, depicted on the flags. If you are interested in spirituality, especially its resilience in the face of adversity, you will see how people created art that embodies their beliefs.

5. Sights & Sounds
To show the flags within their original context, we’ve added video to the exhibition, showing a Haitian Vodou ceremony. See the video projected on the back wall of the gallery!

This free exhibition is open to the public now through May 15, 2016.