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Urn Representing Cosijo the God of Rain Zapotec Culture Mexico about AD 450 Fired clay 21 × 12 × 11 inches Museum purchase 196533

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This urn represents Cosijo (pr. coh-see-oh), considered one of the most important gods by the ancient Zapotec people because of his association with rain. The Zapotecs were farmers and relied on the timely arrival of rain for their survival. The word cosijo means “lightning” in the Zapotec language, and they invoked this deity as the “great spirit within the lightning.”

Coloring Outside the Lines

Viewing a work of art in a museum setting is much different than the way it would have originally been displayed or even the way someone would display an object in their home.

The objective for this coloring activity is not only for the student to color the work of art, but to draw an imaginary environment around the object.

Questions for Engagement:

What background do you imagine for this object?

What colors you are using and why?

Do you remember what the word “cosijo” means? How would you show that in your drawing?