Wrapper (kente)

Ewe people, Togo, and Ghana, African

20th century

The Ewe people are neighbors of the Asante, and also make kente cloth. Ewe-style kente is recognizable for the designs and emblems woven into the fabric using a technique called floating weft. Floating weft designs in this fabric include a key, a pair of scissors, a hair comb, and a chameleon. While the better-known Asante kente cloth is worn by people in positions of leadership, such as kings and chiefs, Ewe kente is worn by individuals and expresses their wealth, status, or personal style.

  • Titles Wrapper (kente) (Descriptive)
  • Medium rayon
  • Dimensions 71 x 32 in. (180.3 x 81.3 cm)
  • Credit Line Museum purchase with funds provided by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Friend, Jr., 1988.84
  • Work Type wrapper
  • Classification Costume