Obverse In the background a Greek temple with the statue of Pallas Athena surrounded by people in the foreground men engaged in peaceful work Reverse The figure of lamenting Prussia with a shield displaying the Prussian eagle in front of a Greek temple with the statue of Pallas Athena before her a broken plough and a destroyed well in reference to commerce and agriculture

War and Peace

Modeled by Leonhard Posch, Based on a drawing by Ludwig Wolf, Royal Prussian Iron Foundry, Berlin


This medal refers to the collapse of Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars, the departure of the royal family in 1806, and the return to Berlin of King Friedrich Wilhelm III on December 23, 1809. It was cast at the Royal Prussian Iron Foundry in Berlin and sold along the route between Königsberg in East Prussia, where the royal family spent their exile, and Berlin. The king and his wife, Queen Luise, received a copy in an etui of Moroccan leather.