Tall hard paste porcelain vase of campana shape the upper body with white biscuit bas relief figures against a glazed green ground the figures include King Friedrich Augustus I of Saxony 1750 1827 dressed as a Roman emperor he is flanked by the figures of Justice on his right and Minerva on his left on the opposite side of the vase is the figure of a Roman vestal representing the state of Saxony pouring oil on sacrificial flames on an altar inscribed with the dates of the kings reign at her feet lies an overflowing cornucopia as well as war trophies and emblems of the seven liberal arts the bulbous lower body heavily gilt with two handles and a series of applied acanthus leaves of white biscuit porcelain the foot with central decorative element of green glazed porcelain with small applied white biscuit leaves the lower splayed foot a series of channels


Royal Porcelain Manufactory Meissen