Large, heavy vase with a bulbous body resting on a small round foot, the neck cinched in the middle with a flared lip, with two long, curving, snake handles, each comprised of two separate snakes, below the handles on either side are bearded male masks, the foot is painted a dark brown color with a band of mustard yellow and a like band on the stem below the body of the vase, the neck with similar yellow bands and a green ground designed to look like marble, the snake handles are yellow with brown details; the body of the vase is elaborately painted in the round in shades of brown, green, blue, purple, yellow and white, with on one side the image of the Evangelist Luke and on the other of the Evangelist John, both adapted with slight color variations from the frescoes by Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri, Italian 1581-1641) in the Church of Sant’ Andrea della Valle in Rome, Italy, on the sides below the masks are images of angels in flight.


Designed by Alfred George Stevens, Painted by Émile Aubert Lessore, Minton's pottery and porcelain factory