One of a pair of tall cream-colored, pearlware vases decorated in enamel colors and partially gilt, the gold a dark, brownish color, the small square base with a row of stylized anthemion motifs highlighted in gold, the foot with a border in a modified egg-and-dart pattern likewise picked out in gold, and the lower body of the urn-shaped vase with stylized, individually molded acanthus leaves outlined in gold; the main body of each vase is painted in the round with different delicate and very detailed seascapes that both show a gray and blue cloudy--almost stormy--sky over a choppy turquoise-blue sea, each scene includes a variety of ships with billowing sails, as well as groups of sailors in small row boats attempting to land ashore through rough, foamy waves, the sea also includes debris from the ships floating in the water, above each central scene is a band of overlapping leaves highlighted in gold, and the slender neck includes stylized foliate motifs outlined in gold and a band of beading around the lip; on each vase the two tall, slender, partially-gilt, scrolled handles has a slithery gold snake coiled around it, the snakes' heads rest on the shoulder of the vase.


Painted by John Holloway, Wedgwood

About 1875