Heavy vase with a barrel shape that tapers in towards the base of the form The exterior is decorated with impressed bands that begin a third of the way down the form that vary in dimension gradually diminishing as they continue downward The bodys exterior is primarily an off whitebeige stoneware with darker areas that are rust brown in color The body is covered in a glaze that gives the stoneware an almost gray cast This glaze is not even and at several points is interrupted creating a splotchy effect The tapered part of the form is primarily rust brown in color with some lighter almost orange or tan parts to it The impressed bands continue once the tapering ends The bottom of the base is rust brown with a dark tanmustard center The lip of the vase extends out from the form towards the center approximately 22 cm Its outer edge is primarily a dark tanmustard color that transitions to a rust brown and then a cooler brown The vases interior is an irregular dark green color with white lines that correspond in location with some of the exteriors impressed bands


David Puxley, Wedgwood