Heavy thistle-shaped vase that tapers inward to a cylindrical base. The vase's exterior is a mixture of multiple colors throughout - light and dark brown, dark green, black, and the color of the unglazed stoneware. The dark glaze begins near the middle of  the vase, continuing downward to the bottom of the thistle form and pooling in drips and continuing towards the bottom of the vase. The vase's exterior features thin lines impressed horizontally into the form. The lines are irregularly spaced throughout the vase, occuring mostly at the top of the vase, on the bottom half of the thistle form, and the bottom of the cylindrical base. The vase's lip is mostly dark brown and unglazed stoneware. The vase's interior is unglazed stoneware with thin, raised lines circling the form that correspond in placement with the impressed lines on the exterior.


David Puxley, Wedgwood