Black and white press print of police breaking up a group of African American protestors during the middle of a sit-in. Includes caption "SW 1 EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL., AUG. 15--POLICE DRAG AWAY DEMONSTRATORS** East St. Louis police carry out some of the 170 racial demonstrators who covered the floor of the First National Bank today. The protest, which started quietly, got out of hand and local police called for help from Illinois State Police and the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office. The demonstrators were booked for assembling unlawfully in a mob form. It was a continuation of protests which began several weeks ago at some local banks, which the demonstrators claim are racially biased in hiring. (SEE WIRE STORY) (AP WIREPHOTO) (tp51555P-D) 1963"

Untitled press print (East St. Louis, Illinois—Police Drag Away Demonstrators)

Jack January, Distributed by Associated Press

August 15, 1963