Round blue jasper medallion with white relief profile portrait of Thrasybulus (440-388BC) facing right, He was an Athenian general and democratic leader. His public career began in 411 BC, when he frustrated oligarchic rising in Samos . Elected general by the troops, he effected the recall of Alcibiades, a former general accused of having profaned the hermae of Athens. and assisted  him in several successful naval campaigns. In 404, when exiled by the Thirty , he retired to Thebes. In the following winter with 70 men, he seized Phyle, a hill fort on Mt. Parnes near Athens. His supporters soon grew so with 1,000 men, he repelled an attack by the oligarchs. In autumn 403, following  skirmishes with a Spartan expedition under King Pausanias, a reconciliation was effected and democracy was restored.



19th Century