The paper is divided horizontally by two irregular lines of color; one red on the right side of the paper and one black and blue on the left. A piece of ribbon has been adhered to the paper in the red paint as well as a square of crumpled tin foil that has been painted red on the far right side of the paper. The two lines of color are divided by a vertical line of black paint that extends to the bottom of the work into a rectangle of black paint. Above the rectangle is a section with strokes of yellow, white, blue, orange, and red paint. Above the horizontal red section is an area of blue paint flecked with green and dark blue, flanked on either side by black lines. The upper right and left corners of the work are dominated by areas of yellow and off-white paint. The upper left area of yellow paint is adjacent to a large rectangle of orange flecked with blue and white. On the right side of the orange rectangle is a strip of aluminum foil. The lower half of the work is filled with irregular areas of lavender, white, blue, black, and orange, as well as a square of aluminum foil on the left side.

Study for Black Warrior

Melville Price