Figure of Harlequin seated on a white tree stump on small base, his left leg resting on side of stump while his right leg rests on the ground, his right arm is outstretched and he holds his upturned gray hat in his hand, in his left hand he holds a white and gilt open tankard, which rests on his upper thigh, this with the date "1740" in gold; he wears trousers in a checkered pattern in lilac, green, and black, and red shoes with blue bows, his tunic is incised in a checkered pattern, which the painter did not follow exactly, and is painted in red, yellow, and white with gilt buttons, he wears a half mask covering his upper face

Seated Harlequin with a Tankard

Modeled by Johann Joachim Kaendler, Royal Porcelain Manufactory Meissen

Modeled about 1738; Formed and painted 1740