In an arch with tracery above and below sits a female figure—the patron goddess of industry—among products of the Royal Prussian Iron Foundry Sayn—urns, cannon and cannon balls, machine parts, and architectural elements—as an allegory of the iron industry, wearing a crown in the form of a foundry oven, in her left hand she holds a tablet with a crown and the initials "FWE" (ligated) and the year "1826," her right hand holds a stylus, with which she points to the tablet, at her feet is the name of the foundry "Saynerhutte" and a small shield, below the main scene is a band of quatrefoil motifs.

Plaque Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of the Creation of the Royal Iron Foundry Sayn as a Royal Foundry Office in 1816

Possibly modeled by Heinrich Zumpft, Royal Prussian Iron Foundry, Sayn


The initials “FWE” most certainly belong to Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm (from 1840 ruled as Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia) and his wife Elisabeth Ludovika, who attended the foundry’s celebration in 1826. The background of the plaque shows important, partly identifiable products from previous years. Highlighted by a griffin from the Lion’s Gate of the Alexander fort on the Kartause in Coblenz, the products include an oven with a vase garniture, another vase, a cogwheel, cannons, and cannon balls.