Pair of tricolor jasper barber bottles, the main body of lilac jasper dip with white relief decoration, the bottle on round foot with band of overlapping leaves, delicately shaded, the body with stiff leaf motifs that extend upward from the stem, with four large molded masks of Bacchus at the shoulder atop a band of leaves and berries that extends around the entire shoulder, likewise delicately shaded, the masks above garlands of leafy grape vines with bunches of grapes, on each of four sides a small roundel of green jasper with individual classical scenes, including Zeus and Venus and Cupid, surrounded by a white border, the long narrow neck with floral garlands held by small ram's heads below a band of beading, the conforming covers with stiff leaf motifs and ball finials (the covers are not identical).

Pair of Barber Bottles


About 1867