Two ash and burl ash armchairs, the cabriole front legs end in small scrolls, the arm supports curve inward and likewise end in small scrolls that function as handholds, the arms lathe-turned, terminating in a carved, stylized anthemion motifs where they meet the stile, the back square and each crest rail is set with three green jasper medallions with classical motifs: .1) "Germany and Turkey with amorini grieving for Elisabeth" (from the 1790 series designed for sale in Germany, most of which celebrate the accession and virtues of Leopold II of Austria, who succeeded his brother Joseph II in January 1790. Elisabeth was the favorite niece of Joseph II, who died in February 1790); (probably) "Cybele, goddess of nature and fertiliy"; sacrificial scene (unidentified); and .2) "Fame inscribing a vase to the memory of Elisabeth" (from the German series); "Hercules strangling the Nemean lion" (modeled by William Hackwood ca. 1773); "Germany and Turkey with armorini grieving for Elisabeth" (from the German series); the striped green silk upholstery new

Pair of Armchairs

Jean-Jacques Werner, Medallions by Wedgwood