Man’s Prestige Wrapper (Aso Olona – “The Artful Cloth”)

Yoruba people, Ijebu sub-group, West Nigeria, African

Late 19th-early 20th century

The Yoruba of the Ijebu region have long been renowned for the richness and complexity of their woven cloth, of which this type, the aso olona or artful cloth, is the most highly valued. Traded widely in the Niger Delta area since the 15th century, the Portuguese exported these textiles to Brazil as trade items, there known as pano da costa (cloth from the coast). Among the geometric and zoomorphic motifs is that of the chameleon, the national symbol of Ijebu.

  • Titles Man's Prestige Wrapper (Aso Olona - "The Artful Cloth") (Descriptive)
  • Medium cotton
  • Dimensions 89 x 55 in. (226.1 x 139.7 cm)
  • Credit Line Anonymous gift, 1991.983
  • Work Type wrapper
  • Classification Costume