Porcelain Commedia dell'arte figural group of a Harlequin wearing a lilac conical hat, a white ruff over a gilt-edged jacket half patterned with yellow, lilac and black diamonds and the other half blue and patterned with playing cards, with large gold buttons, with white trousers and lilac shoes with big yellow bows, in his left hand he holds cherries, he kneels behind his female companion Columbine, who wears a lilac and yellow bodice and white skirt decorated with bright "indianische Blumen", seated with a basket of cherries on her lap, her right hand by a colorful green parrot perched on a gilt-edged, white tripod table, her left hand and gaze raised toward a second parrot perched on a leafy branch of the tree behind them, the mound base applied with colorful flowers and green leaves.

Harlequin and a Lady Feeding Parrots

Johann Joachim Kaendler, Royal Porcelain Manufactory Meissen

Modeled November 1745; Manufactured and decorated 1745-1750