Dress sword, or rapier, with scabbard, the blade of steel and etched in a pattern of scrolling foliage, the hilt of silver, the guard and pommel elaborately engraved in a floral and strapwork pattern, the grip and pommel set with small Wedgwood blue and white jasperware medallions in ropework mounts, four on each side with on side 1) Jupiter or a young warrior; Medea rejuvenating the head of Jason’s father; classical male figure; Minerva; and on side 2) unidentified; Andromache mourning the death of Hector; Demeter searching for her daughter Persephone; Bacchanalian scene; the sewn parchment scabbard  with steel tip and mouthpiece, the mouthpiece set with an oval blue and white jasperware medallion with the Muses of painting and poetry mourning the death of the Swiss poet Solomon Gessner (1720-88).

Dress Sword, Spanish Cup-Hilt Sword, or Rapier, with Scabbard