Delicate nine-piece cruet set comprised of a silver frame with wooden floor, the frame canoe-shaped with four fluted, slightly scrolled feet and pierced sides in a pattern of scrolls, ovals, and bands of leafy elements with pierced floral motifs at each end, with lightly engraved bands of squiggles and dots and on one side an empty oval reserve, in the middle a two-notched, long-stemmed handle with a pierced, eight-sided piece that holds the glass cruets in place, with urn-shaped finial and extended, heart-shaped handle, the frame holds eight cut-glass cruets, or glass bottles, of varying sizes, four with silver collars and glass stoppers, two with domed silver covers pierced in a dotted or dash pattern, and two with engraved, hinged, silver lids with duck-billed spouts and long, curved fluted handles, the cruets fit snuggly into the frame.

Cruet Set

Hester Bateman, London, England